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Launching a legend from past: The rebirth of the McLaren Can-Am M1A

Nichols Cars was established in 2017 by Steve Nichols and John Minett. Set on creating a sports car that delivered on performance and looks, the eponymous founder Steve Nichols decided to draw inspiration from the famed McLaren M1A in design but also to create a driving experience that would be reminiscent of the legendary McLaren MP4/4, the race car that made victories with F1 drivers Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.


Nichols Cars


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What We Did

Hannah Burgess PR (HBPR) assisted with the anticipated launch of Nichols Cars’ debut model by organising the photo shoot, creating the press pack for the N1A, and distributing press releases to several well-known automotive publications. Since the launch of the N1A, the coverage has extended beyond the British press and attests to the goals that Nichols Cars hoped to achieve.