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Supporting brand audience and client growth for specialist insurance broker

Established in 1983, Footman James, a leading UK-based specialist insurance broker for classic vehicle owners, restorers, collectors, motor traders and competitors, approached Hannah Burgess PR (HBPR) for assistance in press management, and written pieces for the company, resulting in more press coverage and audience engagement.


Footman James


  • Strategy integration
  • Event management
  • PR


What We Did

Alongside writing press releases that are informative of what Footman James is doing, such as the annual Indicator Report, HBPR also writes releases that engage in topics outside of its core business, but that are still aligned and relevant to Footman James, such as poll statistics and gathering information. HBPR continues to further support Footman James by writing blogs that are relevant to today’s car society too, reflecting important subjects such as the effects of the pandemic on the classic car market and other engaging topics.