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About Us

An Extension
Of Your Team

The HBPR team, based in London, UK, act as an extension of any company’s team. Whether it be for a global launch or event or a one-day photo shoot, we adopt your company’s ethos, messaging and outlook when we talk to media, customers and your business’ management team.

Automotive PR

Our core function, and the backbone of our offering. We cover all areas of automotive PR from messaging to press packs and releases and media relations.

Corporate Branding & Strategy

Working on a new look and feel or need inputs on strategy for growth or financial sale? We work as an extension of your team to provide insight to grow your sales.

Social Media & Visuals

From managing social media platforms to providing video and photo material to populate the feeds, our team manages every aspect to help grow your audiences.

Automotive PR
and Beyond

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Corporate Branding & Strategy 0
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We’re a small team that pack a lot of knowledge, insight and deliver results